{"posts":[{"no":11865,"uid":"61c05066915bf6edc0877121","posthash":"3mK3wrd+nPCWZqqAeIoNYg==","name":"odilitime","time":1639993446,"com":"6th birthday\n\nWhen we started Endchan, to me, it was a bet on user experience. 8chan was going to switch to InfinityNext, which now 9chan uses. I bet that users would not like the instant jump to a radical new interface and prefer the older interface.\n\n8chan was leaving Infinity, their existing software, for many reasons. Mainly it was hacked together without much thought to the structure. InfinityNext was a carefully approached re-imagination of what 8chan could be.\n\nSelecting infinity for Endchan was not wise for a couple reasons. First what if InfinityNext was never finished. This was a real concern at the time, we even name our git repos InfinityNow as a joke around this idea it may never happen. And we had this luxury because not only had I made an imageboard engine and turned it into an archival system called Futabilly for 8archive after its backend couldn’t keep up. But mainly because StephenLynx had started a project after InfinityNext and before Futabilly and he had a great fast engine ready to be put to the test. 8TailedLynx a theme for Lynxchan also helped provide a similar interface to 8chan. My engine didn’t have no-js support, so it wasn’t even an option.\n\nWe were the prime Lynxchan instance for a couple of years until the disagreements over the direction of LynxChan added up and I just decide it would back-port features and fixes as needed. This has left our site feeling old and stale. We’ve had a couple boards disagree with our decision and have left for new instances running with the latest LynxChan.\n\nInfinityNext was somewhat completed but 8chan failed to migrate to it. It was handed off to NextChan which they continued some development until Josh regained the will to implement another chunk and launched 9chan.\n\nJosh’s 9chan plans didn’t quite work out as he expected and said if someone, like us, didn’t take over he was going to shut it down.\n\nAfter we took over 9chan, over the next year we learned what it cost to not have a strong personality as well as lead developer with the promise to continue to transform imageboards into the future.\n\nI had some code for a new imageboard / social media hybrid, called WrongThink. And after discussion with some other developers, one proposed the idea of unifying all sites under one look and feel.\nI believe that user experiences are largely important to a site. So we operate 9chan separately from Endchan because the software is so different and a unique experience all its own. And while Endchan has maintained its 8chan look and feel, it does need a new coat of paint.\n\nWhen we set out to build WrongThink, we decided not to build our own HTML/CSS and licensed an excellent modern mobile-friendly implementation from Jschan. This is a very similar experience to 8TailedLynx, other Lynxchan frontends and 8chan. However with WrongThink we’ve heavily invested in a really solid no-js experience (using heavy modern css tested on older browsers).","capcode":"Board owner","ext":".jpeg","md5":"8341a63f38c81c920bd5ec3cd5fabb9a","w":948,"h":1038,"fsize":143366,"filename":"IMG_8531.jpeg"},{"no":11866,"uid":"61c0507c02f08bedfef5b1df","posthash":"hyTY+RyHUbjsv5C1IXJqjw==","name":"odilitime","time":1639993468,"com":"Now on our 6th Birthday, I propose a new look and feel for Endchan, called Magrathea (after our Hitchhikers Guide to The Galaxy naming theme). This is the WrongThink frontend software talking to a small translation daemon that talks to the official Endchan backend. This means you can read and post on Endchan with a new look and feel.\n\nThis is a flexible proposal. We want you to take a look, give us feedback, help our shape a potential direction of what Endchan could look like. How it could work better with less JS.\n\nAlso the glue daemon, I mentioned, gives us a new platform in which we can start to decentralize Endchan more, so each frontend server we have can rely less on the backend, making Endchan harder to take down by various attackers and detractors.\n\nMagrathea is very rough and missing a lot of functionality, especially for BOs and moderators. They will continue to use the normal Lynxchan frontends to manage their boards.\n\nWe hope this proposal for modernizing Endchan is agreeable and we can negotiate how we can make this the future for Endchan. I hope we can get it to a place where more people prefer the new frontend over the old one and then we can phase out the old frontend.\n\nOur development focus will be feature parity with the existing Endchan frontend and then the future is our oyster.\n\nAlso in 2022, I expected to be releasing an open-source cross-platform web browser that can be used for browsing our various imageboards which I plan to promote as the most private way to browse Endchan.\n\nAll these development efforts have been driven by feedback from our excellent administration staff, various supporters in our chats and social media, and finally our patrons and donators.\n\nWe stand to our commitment to free speech, and the hopes we had of what the Internet could be. We’re actively working on a better future for all of us.\n\ntl;dr: new look and feel proposal for Endchan, old look and feel isn’t going away unless there’s a user-based consensus it should. And maybe a web browser.\n\nstay frosty\n<3 odilitime \n\nhttps://magrathea.endchan.net/","capcode":"Board owner"},{"no":11867,"uid":"61c056537fabeeedec15f15c","posthash":"iRxY6dQdFeEiDm+JAlUEiw==","name":"Anonymous","time":1639994963,"com":"FUCKEN JANNIES"},{"no":11868,"uid":"61c0580a231775c9cc4bb226","posthash":"zz20Z8bKK1sDP6Z7fNi2NQ==","name":"Anonymous","time":1639995402,"com":"See this thread on magrathea:\r\n\r\nhttps://magrathea.endchan.net/operate/thread/11865.html"},{"no":11869,"uid":"61c05e2c18f2755bde34327a","posthash":"xll5Al+omM2TjCh1O/PrGQ==","name":"Anonymous","time":1639996972,"com":">modern mobile-friendly\noh fuck off, why is mobilecringe browsing needs to be normalized?\nyou will never be 8ch clone"},{"no":11870,"uid":"61c06be57fabeeedec15f33d","posthash":"fmqLxCA0OWE4M34l+99K6w==","name":"Anonymous","time":1640000485,"com":">>11869\r\nYou either have no reading comprehension, or misrepresent what's written on purpose."},{"no":11872,"uid":"61c0b228e127f8bf6437e686","posthash":"uqBjE2sVH6Lhudqq7H/xoQ==","name":"Anonymous","time":1640018472,"com":">>11867\nOur little shizo"},{"no":11873,"uid":"61c0b307a82909edd8ca6983","posthash":"zpJA/RiiA9UbeaYTj3jamQ==","name":"Anonymous","time":1640018695,"com":">>11866\nI like it and it seems to load pretty fast. The only thing I dislike on the boards is that quoted posts are >>>/board/1234 rather than >>/1234/\n\nI will try to use it more often to see how it goes."},{"no":11874,"uid":"61c0cdcbaff572edf6e8ac2d","posthash":"Sw524Z/tYDy2Lv1DNorIeg==","name":"Anonymous","time":1640025547,"com":">>11867\ncalm down fam"},{"no":11875,"uid":"61c0cf33915bf6edc0877efc","posthash":"ghDmC5/9DX+ATXUrqLcEHA==","name":"Anonymous","time":1640025907,"com":">>11865\nit okay for now. Maybe some new things can be implemented as the new site gets updated.\n\nAny plans for letting anons choose which site layout/css gets set when browsing? Pic related is what I'm referring to?\n\nWill there be an option to using a \"legacy\" Endchan site or is the new front end going to be the final option for using the site?\n\n>I expected to be releasing an open-source cross-platform web browser that can be used for browsing our various imageboards\n\nWhat framework? And which OS options will be available?","ext":".png","md5":"2e7158d3ece7893822305ff0cc08a413","w":654,"h":525,"fsize":84321,"filename":"1479758166001.png","extra_files":[{"w":282,"h":59,"fsize":2369,"md5":"9b1ae467c074291d5384fce02156f56b","ext":".png"}]},{"no":11876,"uid":"61c0d187aff572edf6e8ac8d","posthash":"zUpWSwwBH3efY7bVA3XCMA==","name":"Anonymous","time":1640026503,"com":">>11875\nAlso, the hide option isn't working for threads in Magrathea. But it is working for individual files at least"},{"no":11879,"uid":"61c0f9d0aff572edf6e8b182","posthash":"YOVgRnTr9c95/Ec/V2M20Q==","name":"Anonymous","time":1640036816,"com":"We love Big Fella and Ovaltine\nt. /ausneets/"},{"no":11880,"uid":"61c0fb8518f2755bde3444ff","posthash":"KgixcVVAg+M7+GfVfbOnpw==","name":"Anonymous","time":1640037253,"com":"==IT LOOKS LIKE SHIT=="},{"no":11881,"uid":"61c13a5de127f8bf6437f7ee","posthash":"Y+U0DPr0MC9vf0C77kHclg==","name":"odilitime","time":1640053341,"com":">>11869\nWe got a lot of complains of how it works on mobile. I understand phoneposters don't have the best rep but even I have had to reach for my phone to make posts. Just responding to the feedback we've gotten.\n\n>>11873\n> I like it and it seems to load pretty fast.\nand it's going to get faster, just getting started\n\n> I dislike on the boards is that quoted posts\nshould be fixed now\n\n> I will try to use it more often to see how it goes.\nThanks for this feedback. Let us know how it can be better.\n\n>>11875\n> Maybe some new things can be implemented as the new site gets updated.\nThat's the idea, new tools and options for users and BOs. However they will likely only appear and work on the Magrathea version of the site.\n\n> Any plans for letting anons choose which site layout/css gets set when browsing\nIf you go to Settings > Themes, you could seen all the themes we have for it. However you couldn't save your selection until now. Right now I don't have a proper storage backend for it, so if I make another change or the backend crashes, it may lose your choice and you may have to reselect. Also I noticed you old theme may get stuck once a page gets cached in your browser, so you can do a Hard Refresh (shift-reload or maybe control reloading, depending on your OS) after changing themes.\n\n> Will there be an option to using a \"legacy\" Endchan site or is the new front end going to be the final option for using the site?\nLegacy Endchan will stay around as long as we have a Lynxchan backend. We currently have no plans to replace it in the future, but I will say that may change over time. Our main focus right now is to get Magrathea is a better state than legacy Endchan.\n\n> What framework? And which OS options will be available?\nNo framework, from scratch in c. Windows, Mac, and Linux, right now the CI only makes Mac binaries but I'm trying to get some Windows devs to help me get it to make some Windows binaries too. \n\n>>11876\nWeird I don't remember seeing a hide files. Will look into implementing hiding posts/IDs and files.\n\n>>11879\ntks fam\n\n>>11880\nWhat looks better?","ext":".png","md5":"6c98e9ce102a18b7560e4d9806377e7f","w":1763,"h":843,"fsize":241324,"filename":"Screen shot 2021-12-20 at 6.20.21 PM.png"},{"no":11883,"uid":"61c171f4a243b7cdbae21637","posthash":"TnCI9I/QBrK7b0vSpxTeAg==","name":"Anonymous","time":1640067572,"com":">>11865\n>6th birthday\n\nCan't believe time went by so fast. Congrats Odili. Here's to 6 more years of the site being up. Or 100 years even.\n\n>>11866\n>Now on our 6th Birthday, I propose a new look and feel for Endchan, called Magrathea\n>This means you can read and post on Endchan with a new look and feel.\n\nIt looks good for the time being. Just needs a few fixes. I was going to complain about the chan viewing style, but it looks like you already answered that question here. >>11881\n>If you go to Settings > Themes, you could seen all the themes we have for it. \n\nOnly request is for /news/ articles to wedged in to the front page in one way or another like the old website layout. Guess that's all for now.\n\nAnd thanks for being so responsive here fren.","ext":".jpeg","md5":"c28e5aac02470c65b6634b1088d43e4e","w":1920,"h":1040,"fsize":402592,"filename":"bowling.jpeg"},{"no":11885,"uid":"61c217dcbe8022f692c7150c","posthash":"SRA+Fb5uzEkUL1DWAlBJdQ==","name":"Anonymous","time":1640110044,"com":">>11881\n>What looks better?\nThe way it is now."},{"no":11886,"uid":"61c21ef6e127f8bf64380dcb","posthash":"XTilijongBfuPp1K8Aam2Q==","name":"Anonymous","time":1640111862,"com":"What's with Magrathea's uh.. I need to open WordPad. \"Align text left\" I guess. It looks like 4chan and I hope nobody wants that to be permanent. I'm curious if there's any ideas on how to increase traffic to Endchan as a whole too. All those shitheads fleeing to 8kun really should have escaped their endless Jim-cucking then Codemonkey-cucking cycle and came here.","ext":".jpg","md5":"77c96de40b82db194874a41ca42116e9","w":1149,"h":643,"fsize":134060,"filename":"Sweet Anita.jpg"},{"no":11887,"uid":"61c22eb7ae8114b3bb6d6123","posthash":"uYHeMCJuui0cprd4yDAmYg==","name":"Anonymous","time":1640115895,"com":">>11865\r\n>>11866\r\n>>11867\r\n>>11868\r\n>>11869\r\n>>11870\r\n>>11872\r\n>>11873\r\n>>11874\r\n>>11876\r\n>>11879\r\n>>11880\r\n>>11881\r\n>>11883\r\n>>11885\r\n>>11886\r\nDEAD AND IRRELEVANT WEBSITE","ext":".jpeg","md5":"92a0b400e3f18bbe54623d3c7cf82aa0","w":1062,"h":1062,"fsize":89065,"filename":"360brim.jpeg"},{"no":11889,"uid":"61c33163ae8114b3bb6d7a09","posthash":"lrSraghj1Vx30ULuu85XlQ==","name":"Anonymous","time":1640182115,"com":">>11887\nThen what are you still doing here?","ext":".gif","md5":"81c61cd48ef93c3ed3eee0935b805048","w":488,"h":239,"fsize":16555,"filename":"retard-drooling.gif"},{"no":11890,"uid":"61c339a3e62892d0b3199bd8","posthash":"fwcCsfZNfKBf9OigGL1NNw==","name":"Anonymous","time":1640184227,"com":"The next 6 years will be nice.","ext":".jpg","md5":"d682a5b12b23e6d4c1d38045d389db34","w":954,"h":642,"fsize":112902,"filename":"landscape6.jpg"},{"no":11891,"uid":"61c3959005d1f53248c6f88c","posthash":"FLbvVD+mED0Yw/Tkvuh+QA==","name":"Anonymous","time":1640207760,"com":">>11887\n>teehee ur site is dead\n>with over 100 posts per day\n\n>still posts here obsessively"},{"no":11894,"uid":"61c3c467d01345b73241af4f","posthash":"lT2A4SHQlLq+jJpWwq/czQ==","name":"Anonymous","time":1640219751,"com":">>11887\n>>11887\n>DEAD AND IRRELEVANT WEBSITE\n\nyeah all those imageboards spammed on /b/ are dead. Not like Endchan though.\n\n>>11886\nYou got the face wrong. it's supposed to look like a Frankenstein monster wearing a cheap dress."},{"no":11896,"uid":"61c52a70f05d0195cd876019","posthash":"XcTaJXH3DKQnu5/tQ3UFWw==","name":"Anonymous","time":1640311408,"com":">>11876\r\nOk hide files is now working, looking at hiding posts and threads next"},{"no":11904,"uid":"61d5e3c76b2cb5cc1f005c72","posthash":"DG1OxVXeX4LU97umwuMyTQ==","name":"Anonymous","time":1641407431,"com":">>11866\n>https://magrathea.endchan.net/\nI like the current layout much more. \nI understand this new one is more mobile friendly, but I don't think endchan will benefit from being mobile friendly. This site is known for quality-posting, and that is the opposite of phoneposting. You won't be having any long decently written posts made by phoneposters, inviting them actively will ruin what is endchan imo. \nAdd the new look for mobile only, don't make the site this way per default."},{"no":11905,"uid":"61d5eb98af11a616c26d11af","posthash":"QbvUNHjTIxp0jigZZ+U13g==","name":"Anonymous","time":1641409432,"com":">>11904\r\nIt's part of our imageboard engine, Lynxphp. Since it's our code it will be easier to add features or correct errors."},{"no":11958,"uid":"621c25c8e043cf0aa85d60b8","posthash":null,"name":"Anonymous","time":1646011848,"com":"","ext":".mp4","md5":"cae632bffd1cb3bd95eee58853d575c1","w":1280,"h":720,"fsize":15937968,"filename":"2022-02-27 20-27-49.mp4"},{"no":11994,"uid":"625173050f9be2c24a91e83f","posthash":"rRMk/NZTsnVc+GHhaJmq/w==","name":"Anonymous","time":1649505029,"com":"ROCHE RICO 35 e lätty wicker sulffaa3uusnick"}]}